San Pedro Ambergris Caye – Beach area / Belize Holidays

ImageSan Pedro Ambergris Caye

Ambergris Caye started life as a Mayan trading post and part of the Yucatan Peninsula. Mayans dug the narrow channel at Bacalar Chico around 1500 years ago, separating Ambergris from Mexico and opening up a better trade route to mainland Belize. As with the Maya on the mainland, the inhabitants here gradually relocated to the bush as contact with the Europeans, became more frequent. The Baymen likely gave the island its seafaring name in the 17th century.  It is the largest of Belize’s cayes, it is about 25 miles long and its northern side almost adjoins Mexican Territory.

                Most of the island’s population lives in the town of San Pedro, near the southern tip, and , in fact, the entire island is often referred to as San Pedro. The barrier reef is only half a mile offshore here. More than half the toursits who visit Belize fly straight to San Pedro and use it as a base for excursions elsewhere.

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Caracol Ruins Site – Belize / Central America

Caracol Ruins Site – posted by Belize Holidays

It is the most extensive Mayan site in Belize and was only re discovered as recently as 1936. Situated high on the Vaca Plateau deep in the Chiquibul Forest reserve, the site of Caracol covers over 80 square miles with 30,000 structures, and at its peak supported a population in excess of 150,000. Situated at 1600 feet above sea level with no natural water body close by, it remains a mystery why such a huge population centers like Caracol involved where it is. However, the close proximity to both extremely hard stone and copal, two commodities highly prized by the Mayas may help explain this enigma. From the top you can enjoy breath taking panoramic views over the forest clad mountains.

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Learn about Belize – Northern Area

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Northern Belize

Winding through a veritable paradise, the New River – an ancient Maya waterway – showcases the wildlife and beautiful scenery of Northern Belize. When you visit this destination in Belize, see how the sugar cane fields line the highway that leads you to explore remnants of Maya Heritage. Mystical temples and mysterious ceremonial sites underline the vibrant cultures of Mestizo and Yucatec Maya ancestry. When seeking amazing things to do in Belize, you will not be disappointed with the destinations Northern Belize offers.   At the northern area of Belize you can find exclusive jungle lodges with all the amenities you can’t imagine in the middle of nowhere.

                Chan Chich Lodge and Lamanai Outpost Lodge

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Belize Holidays


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Located into the northeastern corner of Central America between Mexico`s Yucatan peninsula and the Petén forests of Guatemala, Belize offers some of the most breathtaking scenery anywhere in the Caribbean.

The country actually consists of marginally more sea than land, with the dazzling turquoise shallows and cobalt depths of the longest barrier reef in the Americas just offshore. Belize is recognized worldwide as being part of the Mayan Civilization.  On December 21st, 2012, the Mayan long count calendar completes its 13th great cycle or Baktun after nearly 52,000 years. The end of a cycle was considered to be a great cause for celebration, as the gods had blessed the Mayan people with continued life and health, and allowed a new age to begin. It will be marked by yearlong celebrations in Belize that will include sporting events, cultural shows and a variety of traditional ceremonies and rituals. These fantastic events will focus attention on both the achievements of the ancient Maya and their cultural contributions to the modern nation of Belize.

Upcoming events:

Sunday, March 25th 2012 TOJ: Maya Day 2012

The series of events will conclude with the grand Maya Day at Tumul K’in Center of Learning. The day’s event will kick off at with a Maya spiritual ceremony. On display will be Tumul K´in student exhibitions, crafts displays and information booths (traditional medicine, intercultural education, traditional agriculture, Maya language, etc.) Live marimba and harp music, cultural competitions, demonstrations, cultural food and lots of games and presentations

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